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In the end, this is the strongest trigger for the user: to come back and see what has become of their investment. When developing a dating app, simplicity is paramount. What we have learned in the hook model only runs Read More

guide to online dating: The key reason why ‘m we being contacted by lions with paid dating sites – iTechQueen

A total of 16 questions were generated for the interview guide (see Appendix 8.1 Interview guide). Five questions relate to the motivation of the user, another five questions focus on self-portrayal and a further six questions reveal user behavior. An Read More

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Something like this can definitely work, depending on the woman. However, there is a right and a wrong way to include the animal friend in your Tinder profile. The above picture shows three examples of going the wrong way. Are Read More

guide to online dating: Why are we remaining reached by simply bots about online dating sites – iTechQueen

Registering for online dating alone is not enough. Other users can find out more about their personality through your profile. But what should be in it and what shouldn’t? A guide on how to properly present yourself on the Internet. Read More