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Something like this can definitely work, depending on the woman. However, there is a right and a wrong way to include the animal friend in your Tinder profile.

The above picture shows three examples of going the wrong way. Are you laying a bunch of dead birds in front of you to prove your manhood? I swipe left. Taking a close selfie with a horse? I swipe left. Are you holding a fish in the face of a little girl? I swipe left.

The following picture shows two examples of the right way, because these guys know what they are doing. Do you carry your cute, one-eyed (?) Cat on your shoulder? I swipe right. Do you ride majestically on a horse through a beautiful landscape? I swipe right.

We women notice immediately when a man just wants to show off. To some, it might actually be attractive, but I’d bet the majority of us find it just plain embarrassing. To the guy on the left: OK, you’re a cook, all right. Great steaks. About the guy on the right: Your living room isn’t all that impressive and I think it’s rather sad that you think something like that should be displayed on Tinder. Are we going to do it on the IKEA table? Or what do you want to tell me with this photo?

Every time my cell phone showed me a new Superlike, it made me feel uncomfortable. Finally, I did myself a favor and turned this feature off. I don’t know why, but 90 percent of the guys who superliked me were guys I would never let myself get to. Somehow, super likes have something aggressive about them, because you kind of impose yourself on the woman. Sometimes it works anyway — when both sides find each other attractive.

I got to know one of my first Tinder affairs via Superlike. The bottom line: We slept together twice, but I ended up ghosting the guy because I noticed he became obsessive and possessive very quickly. That’s why I now see superlikes as more of a warning sign.

In short: If you as a man absolutely have to use the superlike function, then do it conscientiously and rather rarely. Personally, I’ve only given three super likes: twice by mistake and once to troll a friend.

What would your superiors think if they found out you were peddling your uniform on Tinder?

OK, at least you are showing the world of women directly that you are a gun freak. Those of us who are scared of it or who think it sucks can swipe straight to the left.

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