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I’m Suzan from United States, I’m a nurse, this story from my love life. I have been

to take my lover away from me and my husband left me and the children and us

I have suffered for 2 years until I met a post where this man, Dr. Kakuta, has

back home and believe me I just sent you my photo and me

home and behold it was my husband and he has come to me and the children and

That is why I am happy to make each of you meet with this

Hello, good evening, my name is Candy, I live in the USA and a few weeks ago I signed an open adoption paper but I feel that the adoptive parents are not respecting my rights as a biological mother, what can I do to revoke the adoption I want my daughter to be returned to me

My wife and I left our son to my wife’s mother to spend the weekend when the child was 4 years old, the day we had to go pick him up, the Civil Guard came to our house to tell us not to go to for our son that if we went after him they would arrest both my wife and me, and all that without showing us any order from anyone, neither from social services, nor from the court. My wife’s mother denounced us saying that I hit the child and my wife and we proved that it was a lie, she also said that I was taking drugs and presented analytics from the time my son was born until they took him away and they were all fine, and I could present them because I am in treatment and they do me analytics every week. The point is that when the child was 2 years old he threatened to take it away from us, but of course it is his grandmother and we think that she told us so that we could do things right since it is the first and only one we have, now the guardianship has the social services of Albacete, and the child has been at my wife’s mother’s house since we took him to spend the weekend and in the papers it says that at the beginning he was in a social services flat until he was left with his maternal grandparents. We went to trial with all the reports in our favor and the social workers of both the Social Welfare and the town where we live lied like scoundrels in the trial and in the end the judge ruled in favor of the Albacete Social Welfare minors section, So we turned to the Albacete audience, which in the ruling extended our visits and instead of being with our son for 2 hours every 15 days at the meeting point, they gave us 3 hours to enjoy them outside the meeting point. if picking it up and returning it there and that the social workers of the section of minors of Social Welfare had to do a review every 2 months to change the visits to our town and thus not have to travel 50 km one way and 50 back both us and our son and his maternal grandparents, and to my father, who is the paternal grandfather, they gave him two visiting days a week 2 hours each day, and of everything that the magistrates of the hearing authorized us. rto there were 3 judges, 2 prosecutors and lawyers, ours and Social Welfare, because of everything that they authorized us, we only see our son in my father’s visits, because the maternal grandmother said in Social Welfare that she did not want us to see our son and the social worker canceled the visits of every 15 days that we picked him up at the meeting point and then we left him there again, according to her because 1 day that we had a visit we called to warn that we could not go because We had broken the car on the way to the meeting point and the reviews every 2 months have not been done either because they say that the maternal grandmother declared in a psychosocial that they did to all of us, that she stayed with the child because she did not want her to daughter was with me, but that she preferred to stay with me rather than go with her to be with her son, and that is what my wife said, that she did not go with her because what she wants is to be with me and have our son with us.

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